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Photography workshop: Embrace your creativity


Embrace your Creativity – Photography workshop.

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Photography workshop: Embrace your creativity

6 x Donnerstags, 18.30 bis 20.30 Uhr

1. Termin: 12. September 2019

folgende Termine: 19.9., 26.9., 10.10., 17.10., 24.10.2019


Leena Asgodom

186 € inkl. MwSt.

»Don’t be daunted by technical ability as this course is centred around creativity and ways of seeing. To get the most out of the course you’ll need time, effort an eagerness to explore! It truly has changed my outlook and drive and the saying that good things must come to an end is apt in this case. You really won’t regret taking part in this course, enjoy!«


Embrace your creativity – 6 weeks photography workshop

During this six week workshop, you will overcome creative boundaries and learn to develop new ways of seeing, take part in joyful and interesting photography tasks and assignments. This workshop will help you focus and strengthen your unique creative voice. Each lesson will inspire you to grow and push the way you think about creating photographs.

Leena Asgodom

She is a photographer/ author/ artist who has a unique approach to using photography in a therapeutic way. She has been running Creative – Therapeutic photography workshops for 9 years.
She has graduated from Riga Photographer School in Latvia, later participated in International Summer school of Photography. Exhibited at the ISSP 2013 Group Exhibition, Photo series „My life without me”, Kuldiga, Latvia. Exhibition Photo series “Fragile” 2015, Leeds, UK.
She believes in translating emotion into images, feeling and experiencing life through photography, seeking and questioning, trying to see behind the visual reality.

Photography can be a deep, transformational personal practice, a powerful form of self- expression. You will not only explore topics that foster creativity but also develop vision, mindfulness and self- compassion.

Expect to spark your creativity in new ways and find exciting sources for personal inspiration. Get ready to explore new ways of being, seeing and expressing. You will learn how to make deeply personal and self- aware images.
This is not a technical course – expect no direction or instruction on how to use a camera or post-process your photos. It is a helpful and challenging course that will expand the way you see the world and yourself. This is an inspirational journey suitable for beginners and experts.

It honestly doesn’t matter what camera you use to take your shots- all cameras are welcome! DSLRs, point-and-shoots, camera phones, if it makes you happy to shoot with it, you’ve got the right camera for this workshop.

Each session comprises a slideshow and video of the topic, class discussion and review of weekly material. Students receive an assignment to complete each week that pertains to the topics covered in the workshop.

You receive:

– creativity exercises that will help you create images with more emotional depth and meaning;
– knowledge about other photographers, and they work;
– experience how to build creative confidence and let go of “should”;
– learn how to move beyond standard-issue tools and techniques;
– deeper your awareness;
– let go of strict ideas about what “good” photographs look like;
– new techniques and new skills to expand your photographic creativity.

And so much more!

What we will gain:

– Overcome creative boundaries;
– Confidence in yourself;
– Knowledge;
– Strengthen your creative voice;
– Spend more time with your camera
– bust you out of your comfort zone.
– you will transform the way you see the world.

Termin: DO, 12. September 2019

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– Each lesson will inspire you to grow and push the way you think about creating photographs.
– Expect to spark your creativity in new ways;
– You will develop vision, mindfulness and self- compassion.
– express Yourself better.

Sie bringen mit

  • A note book
  • A pen
  • Open mind and heart


Since “Embrace Your Creativity” is not a technical workshop, photographers at every level are welcome. Even if you are experienced photographer but feel a bit stuck you will deepen your relationship with your photography and the way you are seeing the world. It’s never too early or late to start thinking about creativity in a deeper way.

Enthaltene Leistungen

  • For 6 weeks, two hours a week you will receive inspiration through lections and discussions
  • many practical exercises
  • lively discussions
  • honest (always kind) feedback
  • lots of encouragement and support.

Die Details

  • Start: Donnerstag, 12. September 2019
  • insgesamt 6 Termine
  • Zeit: 18.30 bis 20.30 Uhr
  • Trainerin: Leena Asgodom
  • Ort: Asgodom Inspiration Company, Prinzregentenplatz 14, 81675 München
  • Preis: 186 € inkl. MwSt.
Termin: DO, 12. September 2019

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